Refurbishment project - 109 Station Wagon



A customer asked me to find him a petrol engined 109 Station Wagon, built 1975 or earlier, for export to Ireland (where vehicles over 30 years old are tax exempt).  Finding a good example proved difficult, as the big Station Wagons suffer badly from rust in the body structure, and older survivors are thin on the ground.

This is the vehicle I finally settled on - well maintained with a good chassis and excellent mechanicals, but a very poor bulkhead, rotten front panel and disintegrating doors.

This sort of damage is hard to spot without removing the windscreen, but I had already decided that the bulkhead would have to be changed.  Badly repaired accident damage to the front of the roof meant that water had been getting into the vehicle for a long time, and had rotted the bulkhead from the inside out. Bulkhead replacement is a major task, but worth doing in this case as the vehicle was otherwise very sound.

Luckily I had a very good second hand bulkhead in my stock of spares.  This needed only a couple of small welded repairs and was then sandblasted and primed ready for painting.

To change the bulkhead, the whole front end has to come off.

Here the new bulkhead has been painted and fitted, steering column and pedal boxes are bolted in, ready for the time consuming work of refitting the dashboard and wiring loom.

The front radiator panel had rotted along the bottom edge.  I cut out all the rot, sandblasted the surface to remove rust pitting. then welded in a strong section of angle steel.

Here we see everything starting to come back together.  Note that the leaking roof has been removed, ready to be replaced with a better second-hand one.  I fitted a Kenlowe cooling fan at the customer's request.

The end result - a nice tidy old Station Wagon.  These really are very handsome vehicles, especially in good clean condition like this one.

The last job was to sort out the interior.  This was how the vehicle came in...

...and this is the end result.  New doors (with Rocky Mountain aluminium door tops), high back seats and door linings from Exmoor Trim, and everything else returned as far as possible to its original specification.

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