Land Rover restoration services


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(Updated 25/12/08)

It is with some regret that I have decided that, for the time being, I will not be accepting commissions for any more full chassis-up restorations on older Land Rovers, although I will be continuing to carry out other major mechanical and structural work. There are several reasons for this.  Firstly, the poor and still deteriorating parts supply for these vehicles, especially the older Series models.  I have had big problems over the last year with both quality and availability of parts, and in the current economic climate I expect this situation to get worse rather than better.  Many of the better quality parts (Rocky Mountain, Heystee etc) are sourced from outside the UK, and the collapse of the pound has made these parts some 20-25% more expensive. The quality of parts from the major UK suppliers seems to be getting worse as they try to cut costs - I recently bught a timing belt tensioner which was out of round and had two jagged welded seams running straight across the tensioner wheel.  A belt shredder if ever I saw one.

I also have to admit that another reason for cutting back on major restoration work is that I have now restored around twenty vehicles, and I don't think I have made a profit on a single one of them.  Proper restoration work is very labour intensive, the vehicles always have a lot more wrong with them than at first appears, and the values of Series vehicles in particular are just not high enough to justify the kind of prices I would have to charge to make the job worthwhile.  I cannot afford to continue subsidising major restorations out of the profits from the rest of the business, especially as the recession starts to bite.

I currently have around six months of restoration work left on the books - customers who already have work booked in with me need not worry, all existing commitments will be honoured. After that I will review the situation and I will probably continue to take on a very small number of projects on flexible timescales, to fill in the quiet periods in the workshop.  But for now I am unable to quote for any more chassis-up restoration projects.  I would like to thank all those customers who have entrusted me with their restoration projects over the last couple of years, and hope that you enjoy many trouble-free years of Land Rover motoring.

Richard Hall, Christmas Day 2008