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The 'real' Glencoyne

You may be wondering how a small Land Rover business in rural Norfolk could end up being named after a mountain in the Lake District.  The answer is this:


....and after his retirement


Meet the 'real' Glencoyne, now known as Eddie.  Following a successful racing career at Walthamstow, he went to the Retired Greyhound Trust kennels at Waltham Abbey. I adopted him in October 2003 and he enjoyed a long and happy retirement in Suffolk. Sadly at the age of 13 his health deteriorated rapidly over a very short period of time and he was put to sleep on 3rd September 2010. I will miss him.

Ex-racing greyhounds are gentle, lazy, comfort-loving animals and make wonderful pets.  To find out more, contact the Retired Greyhound Trust, or go and visit your local RGT branch.