Glencoyne Parts Department


Here you will find information on parts exclusive to Glencoyne Engineering.

ENGINE MOUNTS (updated 6/5/19)

For several years I sold high quality engine mounts for older Land Rovers.  These "bobbin" mounts (part number ANR1808) were made in the UK from high quality rubber and had a huge effect in reducing engine vibrations especially on 200TDi conversions.  My original supplier discontinued them and after some research I found another UK manufacturer who could supply mounts of near enough identical specification, the only difference being that the threaded studs were slightly longer.

These mounts fit engine and gearbox on all four cylinder Ninety / One Ten and Defender up to the end of 200TDi production.  They do NOT fit 300TDi or later vehicles. They will also fit Series vehicles but are larger diameter than the original Series mounts and will need the steel end plates trimming with an angle grinder to clear the mounting brackets. 

I have to order these in quite large quantities and pay for them 6 weeks in advance of delivery, which is a lot of money for a small business to have tied up. So I have decided to set up a pre-ordering system.  Normal price for these mounts will be £24 per pair plus postage: if you pre-order them the prices are as follows:

  • One pair £22.50

  • Two pairs £43.00

  • Three pairs £64.50

  • Four pairs £84.00

  • Five pairs £105.00

  • Six pairs £124.00

Orders can be placed and paid for using the Paypal button below.  Once I have sufficient orders (around twenty pairs) I will place the order with the manufacturer.  At this stage I cannot guarantee a delivery date but it should be within two months.  When I have a definite date for delivery I will contact all customers who have placed pre-orders and send a Paypal invoice for the shipping cost.




LIFT PUMP SPACERS (updated 6/5/19)

The later pressed steel lift pumps fitted to four cylinder diesel engines from around 1988 have a tendency to break the operating linkage inside, as they are operating very close to their upper limit of travel.  To reduce the stress on the linkage I developed a 5mm spacer plate to fit between the pump and its mounting.  These will fit all four cylinder 2.25 / 2.5 engines with the cast aluminium pump mounting plate, and 300TDi engines where the pump is bolted direct to the block.  I have sold around 200 of these.  Currently out of stock, I have just ordered another batch - should be in my eBay shop within a couple of weeks.