Glencoyne Engine Services



I have thirty years' experience working on the four cylinder 2.25 / 2.5 Land Rover engines from the "two and a quarter" to the 300TDi.  I know these engines inside out and can offer a range of repair and rebuilding services to help keep your vehicle on the road.

Recent jobs include:

  • Defender 300TDi - full rebuild from bare block with new cylinder head

  • Series IIA - "hybrid" diesel using 2.5 block, crank and head with recalibrated 2.25 injection pump, retaining the original appearance but with more power and durability.  See above photo.

  • Ex-military One Ten: original 2.5 non-turbo diesel rebuilt from bare block

  • Ex-military 11J diesel overhauled and converted to full 19J turbodiesel specification

  • Series IIA 2.25 petrol engine rebuilt and converted to run on unleaded petrol

Unlike the big firms I can be flexible to suit your needs and budget - each engine is different and I can do anything from a cylinder head overhaul to a full bare-block remanufactured engine with original quality components used throughout.  I can fit the engine or supply it on a pallet for you to fit.  I can offer (subject to availability) "fully dressed" engines with all ancillaries (starter, alternator, fuel system etc), bench tested and ready to simply drop it and connect up.  I also have a good stock of second hand parts for the four cylinder pushrod engines.

I do not carry out machining work in-house but have an excellent working relationship with two leading machine shops, both of which possess far more modern and sophisticated machine tools than I could ever justify buying. Reboring, block sleeving, crank grinding, cylinder head work, cam bearing fitting and reaming etc etc are all "no problem" to these guys. 

Prices: I do not have a fixed price list as I work to your requirements rather than expecting you to fit your needs in with mine.  However, a full bare-block rebuild on a 2.25 petrol or diesel engine will typically cost around £2,000 (excluding fitting and ancillaries). A 300TDi with new head, AE or Kolbenschmidt pistons, OEM quality bearings, head gasket, crank seals etc would come in around £3,000. A "budget" mid-life overhaul of a 300TDi where the bores and crank are in good shape, using unbranded pistons etc would be about half that.

Ring me on 01953 888731 to find out what I can do to give your smoky old Land Rover a new lease of life.

P.S. If you have any old engines lying around, please do not weigh them in for scrap until you have spoken to me.  I am always interested in Series engines (petrol or diesel), later 2.25 / 2.5 petrol/diesel or 200 / 300TDi  in almost any condition - worn out, seized, incomplete, even an engine with a rod through the block can yield some useful parts.



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